More than aesthetics, we use plaques mainly for commemorative purposes. We use them to celebrate a person’s accomplishment, a special event, an achievement made by our company, among other things that we deem valuable. Thus, it makes sense to have them custom-made to ensure that the design reflects their value.

Here are some compelling reasons to choose custom plaques:

Built to last – A reputable maker of custom plaques, Chattanooga, can provide you plaques that can last a lifetime. And Virtual Studios is a brand you can trust to deliver just that. We make custom plaques that not only last but help convey a sense of integrity, performance, and architectural depth.

Great design and material options – Custom plaques by Virtual Studios, for instance, are made from different materials to suit your preferred design and purpose. You can choose cast and precision-tooled plaques for a classic look – ideal for professional offices, universities, government buildings, and commemorative uses. You may also consider etched & engraved plaques, wherein the chemical etching process allows us to transfer the most complex artwork to a brass, bronze, copper, stainless-steel surface.

Experts are doing the job – Another compelling reason to choose custom plaques, Chattanooga, is that experts are doing the job. Virtual Studios, for example, is composed of a team where members have decades of combined experience in this industry. The company itself has been in business since 1996. More than two decades later, it has only gotten better at providing custom plaques for clients in the Chattanooga area.

Custom means made-for-you – When you or your company receives recognition for a particular accomplishment, it makes sense to not only celebrate it but also to engrave that feeling of triumph into something tangible, visible, and long-lasting. Custom plaques can deliver just that.

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