This is where the foundation is laid to ensure that the final product resembles the vision of our client. Video pre-production includes script and storyline creation as well as the basic designs of sets and location scouting in pre-production. Virtual Studios works with our client to develop the story you want to tell through video. Virtual Studios will also cover on-camera coaching and help you feel more comfortable being on camera and conveying the message as clearly as possible. These pre-production steps are critical to creating a final product.

When it comes to delivering the highest quality video production, Virtual Studios is the best option. The production process is deeper than simply grabbing a camera and filming a sequence of events. Virtual Studios is dedicated to following a rigid production process that breaks down into three succinct steps while including our clients in each step along the way.

Our studio is ready for production to use for interviews, testimonials, product demonstrations and presentations.

Although most of the leg work is done in the pre-production phase, the captivating work is done in post-production. Once all the video footage and audio are recorded and compiled, Virtual Studios will work hard in editing this footage into a productive and successful video project. Virtual Studios will also source the necessary music to pull the entire project together and insert any of the required on-screen text to display your brand, motto, or overall message. Virtual Studios will also work on any remaining color corrections and compile a final cut.

Virtual Studios uses High Definition editing with our Adobe Premiere Pro CC systems and Apple Final Cut Studio systems along with encoding using Adobe Media Encoder CC.

After the footage is finalized and reviewed by our client’s, Virtual Studios will work to create files to maximize the effectiveness.

Completed projects are delivered as digital files and are perfect for distribution to websites, online portals like YouTube or Vimeo, or for playback on computers and tablets.

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