Patient Care Boards

VSI Patient Care Boards are antibacterial and an ideal communication tool for hospital rooms, nurse stations, and other areas where patient health is the greatest priority.

Traditional whiteboards have a porous surface that traps dry-erase marker ink and other contaminants, like bacteria and viruses, within its fibers, making them too risky for a healthcare environment. Whiteboard’s aesthetics alone can negatively impact HCAHPS scores. Old Whiteboard technology is simply unsafe and unnecessary.

As with any writing surface in a healthcare setting, privacy is important. Doctor-patient relationships and patient anonymity can be negatively impacted by writing surfaces that are hard to erase.

Never risk patient confidentiality or incorrect treatment directions with a ghosted, dirty whiteboard. Our Patient Care Boards wipe clean every time…

According to the CDC, every year 1.7 million patient’s pick-up a hospital acquired infection. Virtual Studios Patient Care Boards allows for more sanitization compared to traditional melamine whiteboards.

• IDEAL FOR EVERY ROOM • Infection control • Reduced maintenance • Improved patient satisfaction scores• Eliminates Staining, Shadowing and Ghosting •Ends the high cost of replacements • Designed to last a lifetime •Shatterproof • 40% less expensive than glass boards •20 times more impact resistant than glass boards • Can be flush mounted preventing bacteria build-up behind the board.


Color Direct enables permanent branding, layout or formatting to be printed on Patient Care Boards, creating a fusion of confidence-building brand intimacy and informative elements such as fields, patient information or gridlines.

Color Change, allows doctors and nurses to design a Patient Care Boards backdrop. Color Change has a hidden channel on the back that allows the graphics to be interchangeable. Color Change also utilizes concealed mounting clips, so your graphics are always secure.

Whether graphics are printed directly onto the board (Color Direct ) or an interchangeable custom design (Color Change)

Virtual Studios Dry-Erase Boards bring color, personality, and brand equity to the hospital room.

Patient Care Boards • Non-staining writing surface • Compatible with any marker, even permanent • machine polished corners for safety • bacteria-resistant, easily cleaned and sanitized.

COLOR DIRECT • Direct-to-Acrylic UV printing is guaranteed to never fade or discolor.

COLOR CHANGE REMOVABLE GRAPHICS • Always stay up to date with interchangeable graphics.

STAND-OFF MOUNTING • Utilizes stainless steel stand-offs and fully concealed mounting clips for removable graphics

STANDARD SIZES • 18″ x 24″ • 24″ x 36″ • 36″ x 48″

CUSTOM SIZES • Any size up to 6’ x 8’ Endless custom sizes and shapes available

MOUNTING • All mounting hardware and anchors included

3X CLEANER THAN MELOMINE WHITEBOARDS • Cleans with any hospital-grade cleaner • Never worry about fading or wear

LIFETIME GUARANTEED • Outperforms and outlasts any traditional melamine whiteboard on the market. • TAA Compliant

EASY TO READ NEVER MISS A NOTE • Ships with Virtual Studios preferred markers • Perfect visibility from any angle