Visual ads are a great help in promoting your company, your product, or your service. When prospective customers pass by your business, the visual/graphic element is what they notice first. That explains why, based on statistics, those who put great ads – like signage – convert more customers, boosting their sales. Therefore, as a business owner, it is a smart move if you install top-notch quality visual ads.

With large format printing in Chattanooga, picking a signage company or visual studio can be more challenging. Not all service providers are experienced or skilled enough to produce high-quality prints. The equipment used is also a primary factor that determines the quality of the output.

To help you find the most qualified provider of large format printing in Chattanooga, we are giving you some tips below:

Industry experience

One factor to consider in choosing a visual ads company is the years of experience in the industry. Experience enhances skills; refined skills deliver top-notch results. An ad company with decades of industry experience will most likely give a more favorable output than one that has been around for a year or two.


They say, “do not fall for sweet words; check out their work output instead.” That is true. Many service providers say they are the best in town, but their portfolio says otherwise. You can ask for samples of their recent projects. If you can visit the sites where some of their projects are available, the better it is.


Ask whether or not there are other fees apart from the specifics in your requested quotations. A reputable advertising company does not charge hidden costs; they are clear from the beginning. Look for a service provider that does not hesitate to discuss the pricing early on.

In Chattanooga, one of the most trusted brands you can try is Virtual Studios, which offers large format printing solutions to help businesses heighten and engage customer interest to get results. Whether you are looking to grab onlookers’ attention at trade shows or inform and impress passersby with crisp, street-level advertising, our design experts can help make your custom printed materials pop.

We offer solutions for banners, real estate signs, regulatory/warning signs, job site signs, floor graphics, murals, window graphics, or yard sign needs.

For inquiries, contact us at 706-820-6687.