While the medical and pharmaceutical industries are taking great strides in discovering and producing drugs that protect us from contagious diseases such as the COVID-19, we should not let our guard down. We must continue to apply health and safety measures to ensure a higher level of protection from easy-to-spread and deadly diseases.

If you run a business or entity that deals with lots of people daily, getting antimicrobial protective barriers, Chattanooga, is a great help to improve the safety protocol within your facility. It does not only protect the employees but the clients your business is catering to as well. In the end, it will benefit your business by not spending money on medical treatment. In addition, the business community will also recognize your company as an entity implementing top-notch health protocols.

The nature of a highly contagious disease such as the COVID-19 is that it can spread through hand-to-hand contact as well as saliva droplets. Other viruses are airborne, which means they can stay in the atmosphere for a while, increasing the risk of people, particularly in a confined environment. Installation of antimicrobial protective barriers, Chattanooga has been proven to provide an extra layer of protection against contagious diseases, reducing the risk of getting infected.

As mentioned, facilities that need face-to-face interactions with people every day may find this material helpful. At Virtual Studios, for instance, we have delivered APBs to the following:

  • Banks (bank teller sections)
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores (cashier)
  • Hotel and resort receptions section
  • Restaurant and coffee shops
  • Small/neighborhood stores
  • Schools (admissions office, library)
  • And more

Virtual Studios’ makes protective barriers from crystal clear acrylic. They either come pre-assembled for easy self-installation, with two simple installation options (Screw-hand drill) or (self-adhesive tape) provided on the bottom of the mounting frame. They are, indeed, easy, and they require not much time to install.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken – and continues to take – a toll on millions of people worldwide. It creates havoc to people and businesses both in terms of physical and financial health. And, although there’s a significant development in the effort of eradicating the pandemic, it will take a while before it goes completely.

In the meantime, have your business and people protected by continuing to implement health and safety protocols.

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