Face Shields

VSI Face Shields provide better facial protection where aerosols, splashes or splatter may be present. Typically used in medical practices or areas where people with sickness come into contact with employees. VSI Face Shields can also be used in situations to shield workers from germs transmitted by infected customers.

VSI Face Shields Features & Benefits

1. Universal adjustable strap to fit any size head
2. Reusable & Washable
3. Comfortable with Medical Foam Headband
4. Headband Foam Custom Shaped with Air Holes for Breathability and to Eliminate Pressure Points on Forehead
5. Clear HD Optical View
6. Anti-fogging
7. Scratch Resistant
8. Chemically Resistant
9. Customizable Headband Graphics

Our Face Shields compared to others on the market are:

COMFORTABLE – Foam Headband engineered to shape of forehead to eliminate pressure points.
BREATHABLE – Air Holes allow carbon dioxide/ heat to escape from top of shield.
BRANDABLE – Custom graphics per your company identity.

Our Face Shields can be custom designed for:

EVENTS – Weddings, Concerts, Festivals
COMMUNITIES – Cities, States & Countries
CORPORATE – Company Logos & Graphics